Patriotism and America by Ella Beasley

Ella Beasley
Sherwood Elementary
Grade 4

What patriotism means to me…

Patriotism to me is love for your country. What I love most about the United States is freedom to do what I want, to go to school for free, and to live in my house with my family.

I love the United States because there are laws that say to treat men and women equally. Women can dress how they want and drive cars. Women in some countries can’t do that.

Free school lets everyone in the country learn how to read, it helps people get smarter, gives kids a safe place to go during the day, and gives kids the chance to meet some new friends. I  love school and hope everyone else does too.

How I view my country…

I think my country is the best country in the whole world to live in. We get to wear whatever we want, we can be anything we want to be, we can work or stay home, we can travel anywhere in the United States, we can have pets and we can say anything we want to without being thrown in jail.

I show that I love my country by recycling so the landfills don’t get too big for future kids and to help the environment. At school, we thank the veterans by writing cards to them. I dress up in red, white, and blue and go to the fireworks on July 4th to celebrate our freedom. In Girl Scouts we help others by going to the retirement home to play bingo and bring prizes. We also help the homeless animals. I also help foster homeless kittens with my mom. I do that because I really care about animals.

When I get older I could join the military, help at an animal shelter, help at a retirement home, help the homeless, become a lawyer to help change the laws to make the country a better place, become a doctor, nurse, or vet to help care for others, or join the FBI to show that I love and support my country.


Ella’s essay was submitted as part of the 2017 My America Essay Contest, and was chosen as the first place winner for the grade K-4 group. This contest is presented by the Yellow Ribbon Support Center, and Around Anderson Township. Donations to support the awards can be made to the Let Us Never Forget Scholarship fund. Please consider donating to continue the mission of providing scholarship funds to deserving students in our area, in the name of fallen soldiers. Click here for the donation page (red button for scholarships), and click here for more information about the scholarship fund, and the annual dinner.