June 29, 2017

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Our weekly news has grown to more than a Community Newsletter. The news from Around Anderson Township is read all over Cincinnati, and in many other communities around Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. People love the great news from our area. Help us continue to grow, while reaching people with your own message, by sponsoring an issue of the weekly news! Want to sponsor a series of issues for a discount? Contact us today!

“Great opportunity for a local business to promote a product or service to the residents of the eastside!! Restaurants, retail, automotive and professional service businesses should be lining up!!” – Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce

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In addition to the presence in the news, we will also announce your sponsorship via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and CERKL. Your sponsorship means continued quality of coverage in our area as well as a great way to connect with your customers. Just complete the Paypal payment below, contact us with your information and we will schedule your sponsored edition!

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