‘I Love My Country’ by Olive Clay

I Love My Country

By Olive Clay, 5th grade

America is an amazing and beautiful country. I should know. I live here! But living in such an awesome place becomes normal to you and me. It’s easy to take for granted the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives to make sure we stay free. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the thousands of men and women who fought so bravely for our country. But what if that wasn’t the case? If every person in this world valued themselves before others, then America would be a place where our rights wouldn’t matter. The US is prized for its equality and freedom because we are supposed to appreciate the different people that make up America’s “melting pot”. My country is awesome because people are willing to reach out to the differences of others.

I love the fact that our country has women’s rights (I’m a girl if you haven’t guessed). Girls can get an education, play sports, and be accepted into a community. Unlike some countries, I can grow up and be whatever I want, instead of someone telling me what I have to do. I look up to people like Susan B. Anthony, Malala Yousafzai, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth. They helped make the world a better place by standing up and fighting. I go to an amazing school that has awesome opportunities. Thanks to my rights, I know how to read, write, and even do art! At recess I can go outside and play soccer with mostly boys and we all have fun together. I can have fun as a girl . That was not always possible. I want to grow up thinking I can be whatever I want and no one will stop me. I think I got my wish.

Thank you. These two words are easily the most simple way to express my gratitude. People like the soldiers in the military, the president, and community leaders help protect the rights and freedom that I have. And let’s not forget the police and firefighters that try to keep us safe. I have freedom of religion (being able to worship whichever god I want), freedom of speech (being able to say whatever I want about anyone or anything), and freedom of press (being able to write whatever I want). Would all of these things be possible without the people that have worked so hard to make sure this country is a safe and happy place to live in? Honestly, there are so many people to thank I can’t name them all. Thank you.

So, that pretty much rounds up the reasons why I’m blessed to call America my home. Of course, there is so much other stuff, but it would take forever to say it all. If you don’t want to read this whole long essay then I’ll sum it up for you: If you’re a
patriot, then that means that you can accept others’ differences (whether woman or different skin tone) and be able to reach out and help with whatever you can. I love my country.

Olive’s essay was submitted as part of the 2017 My America Essay Contest, and was chosen as the first place winner for the grade 5-8 group. This contest is presented by the Yellow Ribbon Support Center, and Around Anderson Township. Donations to support the awards can be made to the Let Us Never Forget Scholarship fund. Please consider donating to continue the mission of providing scholarship funds to deserving students in our area, in the name of fallen soldiers. Click here for the donation page (red button for scholarships), and click here for more information about the scholarship fund, and the annual dinner.