March 6, 2021

Around Anderson Township

Highlighting the people and places that make this a great place to live, work, and raise a family

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About Anderson Township

One of the twelve townships of Hamilton County, Anderson Township is located in the southeastern part of the county and less than 15 minutes from downtown.

There are many reasons why Anderson Township has been named CityBeat’s “Best Suburban Neighborhood,” Hamilton County’s “most livable” community and voted as “Cincinnati’s Best Community” in a recent media community poll.

Nestled in the southeastern corner of the county, Anderson is bordered by the natural beauty of two major rivers, the Ohio and the Little Miami, and the lush, wooded hillsides that rise from their banks. This scenic topography includes nearly 3,000 acres of parks and other open spaces and offers a fitting backdrop for a township that is home to dozens of charming suburban neighborhoods.


The first Anderson Township residents came in 1788, when Benjamin Stites settled at the mouth of the Little Miami River. A historical marker commemorates this location at the end of Elstun Road in Anderson.

It was important in it early days as the site of Flinn’s Ford, the southern-most crossing of the Little Miami River.

Anderson was the fifth township organized in Hamilton County in 1793. Being east of the Little Miami River, it was part of the Virginia Military District. Newtown, then called Mercersburg, was first settled in 1792. In 2004, the township became home to the second largest Kroger store in the world, the largest being in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 1976, a chain of parks called the Anderson Park District was started in the township.

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